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Faq - Tours & Excursions in Turkey

antalya tours  Which language will be spoken during the tours?
Common language is English during all tours, but main language will be determined on the day of trip depending on from which country our clients are mostly coming. If there are 15 Germans and 2 Russians, language will be German language

antalya tours How can I book a trip ?
You can book very easy, please fill online reservation form or send us " date, trip name, number of participant, hotel name, your cell phone " by  email
antalya tours What is pick up time ?
After completing booking you will receive a confirmation from us, it will contain all details you require, besides the description of most of the tours are included those informations.

antalya tours Are you providing pick up and drop off hotels?
Yes, we usually provide door to door transport service for all tours, for some places where our shuttle bus can not enter or far away our bus line route you may require to come yourselves closest pick up point!
antalya tours Are we insured during excursions?
Yes, during all tours participants are fully insured againts a potential accident case
antalya tours İs it possible to delay / change my excursion to another date?
İts always possible ( at least 12 hours before ) to change the date of your excursion before and after the comfirmation.We dont charge for it.Only if you delay the trip at the last minute of the day then you have to recompensate our loose
antalya tours Can I change my excursion to another one?
Yes you can change ( at least 12 hours before ) your excursion to another one even at the last minute but considering the difference of the prices.
antalya tours Can we replace somebody?
Yes you can always replace somebody.We dont charge for it.
antalya tours How do we make sure that you wont get our money and never show up again?
İf we want to have good reputation and carry on we shoud pick you up, shoudnt we?Plus being in a foreing country doesnt mean you are rightless. All bookings and excursions made through our company are subject to Legislation of Turkish Tour and Travel Agencies (Law no: 1618) and The Consumer Protection Law (Law no: 4077) which received major amendments in 2003 to harmonize with European Union Consumer Rights Legislation.Please check Terms and Conditions.
antalya tours How will we know its no hidden charges in the price?
Details of the prices are clearly shown on the pages of every trip. We have written openly what is included and what is not included, most of the necessity things are included given prices, just small things which may not main part of the tours are not included.

antalya tours Do I need to visit your office for booking?
No, you are not mandatory to come us, we have easy and online booking system, you can complete your booking within 2 minutes.
antalya tours How much in advance we should book trip before?
Usually, all tours are open for sale untill 12 hours before, but we recommend you to book earlier because some tours may exceed the capacity and you may no longer find a place
antalya tours From which holiday villages do you offer tours?
As a leading local tours company, we offer from excursions from whole of cities, towns, holiday villages in Turkish Riviera and Aegean Riviera of Turkey.
antalya tours Do you have discounts for children?
Yes, for most of the tours we have cheaper prices for kids, we have written this into price list and tour description
antalya tours What is HP ?
İt is shortening of " Half Pension ", it is a staying classification of hotel, if you book a hotel in HP, breakfast and dinner included, lunch is not included.
antalya tours Can I stay alone in the room, Can I not share room with others during Pamukkale, Cappadocia tours?
Yes, if you want to stay alone in the room and if you do not want to share with others, you should need to pay extra
antalya tours Can I book by phone?
No, unfortunately we accept only online bookings because of it is easier, quick and safe for you and for us. Besides, online booking prevents a potential misunderstanding

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