Local Transportation

Tram (Antray)
If you are coming to Antalya by plane and your accommodation is close to the Old Town we recommend you to take tram. The tram station is right in front of the Terminal 1 at the airport. So if you land to the Terminal 2 you should take taxi until Terminal 1. If you land to Domestic Terminal you have to walk around 200 meters to get to the tram station. Once you are out of the building you should buy "TAM KART" from the machine for 5 Turkish Lira which is around one euro to use the tram. One way journey is a bit more than a euro. The machine accepts only turkish lira so, change your money or withdraw some turkish lira before you come out from the building. The closest station to the old town area is Ismet Pasha which is only 100 meters from the old town entrence.